or 3 Pay of $33.33
Power Impact Wand Cordless Massager
Power Impact Wand
Cordless Massager with
helps relax, soothe, and ease sore, achy, tight muscles!
Rapid pulses of pressure impact your muscles to reach deep down to the source of trigger points, knots, and other discomfort.
or 3 Pay of $33.33
or 3 Pay of $33.33
Power Impact Wand in Use
Percussive Therapy
Power Impact Wand Helps
  • Support Circulation
  • Loosen Tight Muscles
  • Reduce Stress & Tension
  • Ease Aches & Pains
Simply Point It Where It Hurts and Feel It Work
Helps Relax, Soothe, and Ease Sore, Achy, Tight Muscles
Whats Included
  1. Power Impact Wand
  2. Ball Head
  3. Warm Head
  4. Cool Head
  5. Charger
  1. Power Impact Wand
  2. Ball Head — For Large Muscle Groups
  3. Warm Head — For Warm Applications
  4. Cool Head — For Cool Applications
  5. Charger
Massager Set Includes

Power Impact Wand Reviews


This type of percussive therapy is amazing for my chronic pain.

- Martha S.


Now that I’ve been using the Power Impact massage gun I train better because it helps my muscles recover faster.

- Shawn J.


I can’t miss work so I use it when I’m sore but have to keep going.

- Bethany Z.

Massager Specifications
  • No-load Speed   140 - 3200 spm
  • Stroke Length   10 mm
  • Noise Level   30 - 60 dB
  • Speed Levels    20
  • Charging Time    4 hrs.
  • Working Time   60 - 180 mins.*
*Depending on level used
*Depending on level used
Massger Features
Ball Head
Wand Ball Head Attachment
For Large Muscle Groups
Warm Head
Wand Warm Head Attachment
For Warm Applications
Cool Head
Wand Cool Head Attachment
For Cool Applications
When muscles get achy, sore, and tight, trust Power Impact Wand to make them feel right
Achy Muscles
Sore Legs
Tired Feet
Sore Shoulders
It’s targeted percussive therapy helps you get back to you in no time